On this HVAD, Accelerating Vaccine Development for HIV and COVID-19

May 18, 2020

This HIV Vaccine Awareness Day a global audience is fixated on the need for vaccines. The COVID-19 pandemic has people struggling to understand the science, the development process and the necessity of a vaccine. Taking in these lessons is no less vital for HIV. AVAC’s new report, Five “P”s to Watch: Platforms, process, partnerships, payers and participatory practices that drive vaccine development, connects these key issues and lays out how HIV vaccine research is making the search for a COVID-19 vaccine faster, smarter and more inclusive.

The connections between HIV and COVID-19 research offer unprecedented opportunities to tell the story of vaccine research. Read Five “P”s to Watch to help tell that story: a durable, sustainable end to HIV depends on a vaccine, and investment in HIV has created the know-how leveraged today against COVID-19—on multiple levels.

AVAC has other essential resources for HVAD 2020!

Check out our dedicated page on HVAD 2020, featuring a toolkit and details on related webinars to support advocacy and action, including:

  • Key Messages: Frames priorities and unique opportunities for vaccine advocacy for HIV, COVID-19 and future epidemics.
    • Full: This complete set of messages provides more detail and background on priority messages.
    • Short: The short form of key messages distills priorities into a curated set of quick and easy-to-use statements.
  • Social Media Package: Draft messages and images we hope you’ll use to extend the reach of our collective messaging this HVAD.
  • HIV Vaccines, An Introductory Factsheet: Basic information on concepts and trials in vaccine research.
  • Webinar with Science Magazine’s Jon Cohen. Download the recording to hear Jon talk about the fast-growing pipeline of vaccine candidates for COVID-19, how COVID-19 research is evolving and building on HIV vaccine research and more!
  • AVAC’s latest podcast episode of Px Pulse features leading voices from HIV vaccine and prevention research talking about the intersection of HIV and COVID-19.
  • Watch for an upcoming June webinar with NIH’s Vaccine Research Center for updates on the COVID-19 vaccine pipeline and more!

Let HVAD 2020 be a day you find inspiration and tools to lend your voice to the story of vaccine research, development and delivery – for HIV, COVID-19 and global health generally.