Global Investment in HIV Cure Research & Development in 2021

A decade of progress


HVTN 135

HVTN 805/ HPTN 093

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention (VMMC): An introductory factsheet

This introductory 2-page document explains how VMMC works, reviews the scientific evidence behind it, and outlines key advocacy issues for implementing it.

Trial Trial Again: Getting research right for adolescents

Both research and advocacy for HIV prevention are intensifying their focus on young people. Bringing interventions that work for this population holds unique challenges.

In this episode of AVAC’s Px Pulse podcast series, AVAC’s Manju Chatani-Gada explores how and why prevention research must reach the next generation.

Treatment as Prevention: An introductory factsheet

This introductory 2-page document defines treatment as prevention, reviews the scientific evidence behind it, and outlines implementation advocacy priorities. The factsheet is part of a series on emerging HIV prevention strategies.

PrEP Primer (Chinese)

This document, developed by 2012 AVAC Advocacy Fellow Cai Lingping, provides background information on pre-exposure prophylaxis, reviews the evidence base and planned trials, and discusses key issues for Chinese advocates. It explores implementation challenges and the funding landscape for continued research.

Press Statement from Kenya AIDS Civil Society AIDS Groups Cheer First Major New Commitment by Presidential Candidate

This press release from a coalition of Kenyan civil society groups celebrates a success in an election-year campaign led by 2013 AVAC Advocacy Fellow Maureen Milanga to secure commitments to good HIV policy by political candidates. The pledge by Prime Minister Raila Odinga committed his administration, if elected, to provide universal access to antiretroviral therapy and to spend 15 percent of the national budget on healthcare.

HIV Civil Society Recommendations for Kenya’s New Health Secretary and Global Fund Application

This letter, written by a civil society coalition co-led by 2013 AVAC Advocacy Fellow Maureen Milanga, summarizes concerns and demands related to Kenya’s 2013 application to the Global Fund. The letter was sent during the Global Fund’s transition to its New Funding Model and includes guidance to the Government of Kenya on how to navigate the new system to secure support for ambitious treatment scale-up in the wake of new WHO treatment guidelines.