PrEP and more PrEP: An update and important resources

February 7, 2022

2022 is a critical year for the evolving role of PrEP, anti-retroviral drugs (ARVS) used to prevent HIV. Currently, two types of daily pills (FTC/TDF and F/TAF), injectable cabotegravir administered every two months (CAB-LA) and a monthly Dapivirine Vaginal Ring (DVR) are approved in some countries for at least some populations. But each face challenges that must be overcome for these proven interventions to effectively reach people who need and want them.

In addition, the pipeline of next-generation PrEP products in research and development is intensely dynamic. But if advocacy, global coordination, funding, and community-centered responses come together now, PrEP programs can be scaled, and these biomedical options can be translated into actual choices. This work is essential for the world to hit 2030 targets for ending the epidemic.

AVAC is tracking all things PrEP. Here are some resources to keep you up to date and to help frame key issues for your advocacy.

Global PrEP Tracker

Check out global trends in oral PrEP initiations with AVAC’s just updated PrEP Tracker, found on 2021 saw marked increases in global PrEP uptake, up 50 percent from 2020. Five countries in sub-Saharan Africa are driving this growth with expanding programs: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia. Get details on the data here.

Overview of the Pipeline

These trends can be put into context with the Biomedical HIV Prevention Research in 2022 and Beyond which provides a concise update on the full landscape of biomedical interventions, including: PrEP products in the market, next-gen products in the pipeline, including multipurpose products (MPTs) and vaccines and broadly neutralizing antibodies. And check our handy cheat-sheet on Evolving Designs for HIV Prevention Trials.

Primer on Injectable Cabotegravir for PrEP

With the recent US FDA approval of CAB for PrEP, we’ve updated our advocates’ primer to outline what’s known and what’s next for this new prevention option.

Two Training Packages for Peer-led Product Introduction

The HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package for adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) supports them to play a meaningful role in the rollout of PrEP products in their communities. Developed by the PROMISE & CHOICE consortiums, it includes a training manual on essential topics and session instructions, and a toolkit. This version of the Ambassador Training Package is intended for all priority populations, including men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, serodiscordant couples, pregnant and breastfeeding people, sex workers, transgender people as well as adolescent girls and young women.

A Strategy for the Future of PrEP, From Research to Rollout

The Biomedical Prevention Implementation Collaborative (BioPIC) is developing a model for a comprehensive and coordinated global platform for the introduction of new biomedical products for HIV prevention. The BioPIC Adaptable Framework incorporates stakeholders from all stages of product development and delivery, from research to rollout. And watch this space for the upcoming launch of BioPIC’s online dashboard that will be tracking efforts to introduce CAB for PrEP.

Learning Lessons from Oral PrEP – and Implications for the Future

AVAC’s six-year HIV Prevention Market Manager program produced a wealth of insights on how to get rollout right. Learning the lessons from oral PrEP introduction is essential, and this series of issue briefs distills the priorities for advocates, implementers, funders, product developers and ministries of health. And in case you missed it, check out the recent webinar recording and summary.

Resources to Support the Introduction of the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring

This package of resources supporting the introduction of the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring includes: advocacy messages, an introductory slide deck, FAQ’s and more.

Are We PrEPared This Time?

Just last week, the AIDS Foundation Chicago, AVAC and partners hosted a webinar, Are we PrEPared this time? Ensuring a Swift Translation of Research into Community Impact, featuring presentations and debate on what must happen for positive research results to effectively reach communities without delay. A link to the recording is here.

The PrEP field is moving at an historic pace, but significant obstacles threaten to derail the potential PrEP holds for contributing to the end of the epidemic by 2030. Our joint work will confront these challenges. Keep watching this space for the information, resources, analysis and convening opportunities to keep this work on track.