Preparing for Durban: Part I

July 8, 2016

Welcome to the first in a series of quick updates we’ll be sending over the next 10 days to help activists and advocates prepare to navigate the 21st International AIDS Conference, which will be held in Durban, South Africa, July 18–22.

In this update we highlight the HIV Prevention Roadmap of relevant sessions and activities at the conference, and the Research Literacy Networking Zone in the Global Village—a destination we hope will be on your path through a busy conference week.

HIV Prevention Roadmap

The International AIDS Conference includes hundreds of sessions, side events, marches and meetings—many focused on HIV prevention research and implementation. This Excel sheet allows you to sort by focus; the PDF has everything mapped out day by day. If there are events that are not on the roadmap but should be, please email us. And next week’s updates will hone in on specific topic areas and roadmaps (e.g., women’s prevention, PrEP, VMMC, R&D of new options and more).

Research Literacy Networking Zone

AVAC, in partnership with IRMA, NHVMAS, TAG, WACI Health and WRHI, is excited to host the first-ever Research Literacy Networking Zone (Booth 606 in the Global Village) at AIDS 2016. The RLNZ will be a space where conference delegates and local community members can come together to network and discuss ongoing and planned HIV prevention and cure research, as well as the rollout of new interventions.

In addition to features like a Help Desk and Recharging Area (for mind, body and devices!) there is a robust schedule of events at the Zone. The daily schedule features a range of sessions organized by contributors from around the globe. The full program is available to download here, and a pocket program will be online at our RLNZ page next week and printed postcards will be available in Durban. We hope that you’ll include some of the Zone sessions in your plan for the week and stop by to say hello when you have a minute!

Stay tuned for additional updates next week!