Faster, Smarter and More Equitable – Accelerating Roll Out and Uptake of CAB for PrEP

Monday, August 8, 2022

As we begin rolling out injectable cabotegravir (CAB) as PrEP, what lessons have we learned from the first 10 years of oral PrEP implementation? How can we do better with a new PrEP intervention that offers new opportunities and distinct challenges? Learn more in this Choice Agenda webinar.

Featuring Rachel Baggaley, Caroline Carnevale, Monica Gandhi and Mitchell Warren

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PEP Needs Some Pep! Addressing PEP Neglect in HIV Prevention Research, Programming and Uptake

Thursday, November 3, 2022

During this webinar, experts and advocates addressed why PEP has been long neglected in HIV prevention research, programming, and uptake.

Featuring Dr. James Ayieko, Dr. Julie Fox, Dr. Ken Mayer, Dr, Catherine Koss, Njambi Njuguna and Ace Robinson

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