Px Pulse Podcast: From the trenches, advocates share their prevention priorities

April 30, 2018

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We bring you two different conversations, each throwing a spotlight on different aspects of HIV prevention advocacy today.

AVAC’s Manju Chatani-Gada talks with three advocates who attended AVAC’s African Advocacy Partners’ Forum in Johannesburg, where seasoned and new advocates came together to look at prevention priorities from every angle. In this discussion, you’ll hear how the forum brought key issues into focus and how these advocates are sharpening their strategies.

Then we turn to a global effort to accelerate prevention.

Christine Stegling, the head of the UK-based International HIV/AIDS Alliance joins us to talk about a new initiative led by UNAIDS and UNFPA to escalate and maximize HIV prevention in the 25 countries with the biggest number of new HIV diagnoses. Dubbed the Global HIV Prevention Coalition, we talk with Christine about how to know if it’s living up to its name.

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