Lomcebo Dlamini

Lomcebo Dlamini is a human rights and gender equality activist with a legal background and experience advocating at community, national and international levels for the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized.

As a Fellow, Lomcebo is advocating for PrEP and PEP access for adolescent girls and young women within the context of integrated, comprehensive SRH and HIV services. Specifically, she will lead a youth-focused CSO contingent in advocacy for national guidelines for youth-friendly integration of services and an accompanying communications strategy. Lomcebo will also monitor and help to mitigate COVID-19’s effect on AGYW and people living with HIV by reporting to Eswatini’s Ministry of Health.

In Their Own Words
My recent work with adolescents and young people has strengthened my resolve that research, as well as national and international policy, do not remain abstract for affected populations such as AGYW. Knowledge is empowering and essential for Eswatini to attain its ambitious prevention targets.