Announcing the Next Class of Advocacy Navigators

We are thrilled to announce AVAC’s 3rd class of Advocacy Navigators! This group of 12 emerging advocates from nine countries was selected from 100s of interested applicants. They will be paired with six mentors, seasoned advocates who are alumni of AVAC’s Advocacy Fellows program. These mentors provide support and guidance as the Navigators strengthen and expand their skills in HIV prevention advocacy.

Tracking PrEP Rollout & Learning Lessons

Over the last two years, BioPIC—a project led by AVAC with support from the Gates Foundation—has been gathering and sharing evidence on these critical lessons to ensure the next generation of HIV prevention products reaches everyone who needs and wants them with much greater speed and equity.  

Civil Society Voices at World Health Assembly

The annual World Health Assembly (WHA) is convening the last week of May in Geneva, Switzerland. As the decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), amongst many other issues, the WHA will be attempting to finalize the Pandemic Accord after two years of ongoing negotiations.  

More and More Evidence that Choice is the Key

AVAC convened three important conversations in the last month on new data that delivered the analysis and evidence that choice and equity in access to PrEP products can make the difference between real-world population-level impact or an epidemic marching on for many years to come.

Will the Pandemic Accord Fail to Learn the Lessons of the HIV Response?

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) highlighted that from the HIV experience we know that if public health measures do not take human rights into account, we will leave marginalised populations behind, fail to address structural barriers to access to quality healthcare, and miss essential interventions altogether.

Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit and PrEP in Black America Summit

AVAC Highlights

1,000+ community advocates, researchers, policy experts, federal public health leadership, medical and service providers attended the NMAC annual Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit in Seattle. The discussion and debate on PrEP access, especially for racial and ethnic minorities and key populations, PrEP research, care, policy and community-based programs are ones to follow.

Jeanne Marrazzo and Community Leaders Amplify Their Voices for Choice

Recently, NIAID Director Jeanne Marrazzo joined our Choice Agenda webinar, The More We Know: Evolving our understanding of PrEP for cisgender women, to present a re-assessment of the safety and effectiveness of PrEP options for women—including oral, vaginal ring, and injectable options.

Announcing the 2024/25 AVAC Advocacy Fellows

We are pleased to announce our 13th class of the flagship AVAC Advocacy Fellows Program for 2024-2025! This group of seven advocates will participate in an 18-month program that supports their advocacy efforts, invests in the further development of their skills, shapes the agenda for HIV prevention research, and influences how quickly new interventions move into policy and programs in their communities and countries.

AVAC Response to Uganda’s Constitutional Court Ruling on the Anti-Homosexuality Act

AVAC is gravely concerned with the Constitutional Court of Uganda’s recent decision to uphold the core provisions of the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2023 (AHA) that was signed into law nearly one year ago. AVAC stands in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community in Uganda, and globally, in calling out this dangerous law.

AVAC Responds to the Pandemic Accord Negotiations

AVAC’s Sam Rick responds to the latest in Pandemic Accord negotiations—member states have engaged in text-based negotiations throughout the end of March. She offered the following position on the state of negotiations as of March 28, 2024 to Politico Pro.

“The draft puts us in serious jeopardy: We are so close to having a sorely needed agreement on how countries will operate in the wake of the next pandemic, yet Global North countries are risking this all to satisfy the interests of pharmaceutical companies. There are places in the draft where it seems countries are finally coming to some baseline consensus, but the textual edits made by Member States this week in the Article on Pathogen Access and Benefits, which is the lynchpin of the entire agreement, show that we are very far from reaching consensus. Without a shift in the US delegation’s position, we’ll have no agreement at all. The US seems to have taken a knife to the text, rendering it toothless. It seems that if the US has its way in this Article, there will be no system to compel benefits sharing, which is the whole point of the Article. The US delegation must compromise and permit an opt-in.”

The Coalition of Advocates for Global Health and Pandemic Preparedness, a group of organizations advocating for an integrated and holistic approach to preparedness that emphasizes equity, inclusion, and synergies of multiple global health programs in advancing preparedness, published their considerations and asks in these negotiations.