Advocates’ Guide to Doxycycline to Prevent Bacterial STIs (DoxyPEP)

Doxycycline, an oral antibiotic commonly referred to as DoxyPEP, is a post-exposure prophylaxis used to prevent the acquisition of some bacterial STIs after sex. Doxycycline is inexpensive, easily tolerated, and widely available. However, questions remain regarding who will benefit most from DoxyPEP and how to implement this strategy broadly to ensure equitable access. This guide seeks to explore and address these critical questions.

Advocates’ Guide for PPPR

Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response in 2024

If you’re having trouble making sense of all of the initiatives around pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (PPPR) this year, don’t worry—you’re not alone! This Advocates Guide provides a reference for the relevant information all in one place. The contents explain the major initiatives, key dates for involvement, how to get involved and make sure your priorities are heard by decision makers.

Cabotegravir Long-Acting Injectable for Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

Afrocab has developed a FAQ (below) that covers the topics of PrEP and explains how CAB-LA works, is taken, and its side effects.

Media Science Cafes

AVAC Capability Statement

Since 2012, AVAC has worked to strengthen the capacity of journalists to report on HIV prevention research and global health and science topics. Through its flagship Media Science Café Program, AVAC partners with health media associations in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe to connect journalists with subject matter experts—researchers, policymakers and advocates—and help build the relationships needed to foster accurate and informed reporting of HIV, COVID and emerging health and science issues.

Organizational Capability Statement

AVAC excels as a trusted convener, linking diverse stakeholders in HIV prevention and advancing global health equity through its 25+ years of expertise in advocacy, research, and policy development. We play a crucial role in driving the development, access, and adoption of innovative HIV prevention solutions—particularly in high-need communities—and swiftly respond to evolving health challenges worldwide.

AVAC Fellows Program

Capability Statement

The AVAC Fellows program empowers advocates to create lasting impact within their communities and beyond. Alumni often pursue further training, lead advocacy movements, and play significant roles in shaping health policies and national strategies.

Advocacy to Accelerate Prevention R&D for Sexually Transmitted Infections

AVAC Case for Support

AVAC accelerates the development and delivery of STI prevention options by fostering collaborations with STI and HIV research advocates, developing new STI vaccines and diagnostics, and creating tools to monitor STI research and investment activities.

Our Work with Key Populations

Capability Statement

AVAC advocates for effective HIV prevention, supports Key Population-led research participation, fights against criminalization policies, accelerates access to innovative prevention tools, and champions broader health equity issues.

Joint Statement on the April 18th Revised Pandemic Accord Draft

The Coalition of Advocates for Global Health and Pandemic Preparedness, a group of organizations advocating for a holistic and equitable approach in pandemic preparedness, offers several revisions to the April 18 revised Pandemic Accord draft.

Read the statement.

Our Partnership Network

Capability Statement

AVAC’s greatest strengths lie in its ability to convene diverse stakeholders in the fight against HIV and its dedication to bolstering civil society coalitions for effective advocacy.