The Latest Issue of Px Wire! What to Watch in 2019

December 14, 2018

As 2018 winds down, we’re struck by the many moments, and movements, in the past year that have depended on listening, without bias and also without loss of conviction. From a bold activist challenge in an elevator, to an array of young women speaking their truths about HIV prevention—the future has hinged on being willing to listen, and on demanding to be heard.

In that spirit, our year-end edition of Px Wire offers 10 questions for activists to pose, with curiosity and conviction, in 2019. What answers do you want, what do you hear, what needs to happen next? We’ll be listening!

Download the new issue here.

Our questions take on the upcoming announcement of how future NIH funding of HIV research will shape biomedical prevention, the anticipated results of the ECHO trial looking at how different contraceptive options impact women’s risk of HIV, the future of the dapivirine vaginal ring and much more.

In our centerspread, we provide a visual for uniting biomedical prevention research and implementation—a necessary fusion for our work in the coming year, and beyond.

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