Untangling Mixed Messages in the Newest Episode of AVAC’s Px Pulse!

December 19, 2017

Last month, AVAC released our annual, opinionated state-of-the-field report—Mixed Messages and How to Untangle Them. It’s filled with information, graphics and in-depth analysis and definitely worth a read! This month, we’re also pleased to offer highlights of the report in the December episode of our podcast Px Pulse, which is now up. Find it on iTunes or click here for Px Pulse on avac.org.

Hear AVAC’s Director of Strategy and Content, Emily Bass—who’s been writing for the AVAC Report for nearly 15 years—give short, sharp summaries of the key “mixed messages” that the report untangles, and review AVAC’s advocacy agenda for the year ahead. In conversation with AVAC’s Web Editor, Jeanne Baron, Bass describes critical issues in the research landscape, the evolving field of PrEP rollout and the unfinished work of scaling up effective HIV prevention worldwide. Tune in to hear what AVAC thinks needs to happen—now and in the year to come.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!