Webinar: An Update on Hormonal Contraception and HIV

September 7, 2016

UPDATE: Webinar recording is now available. Click here.

AVAC, in collaboration with ICW East Africa, is pleased to invite you to listen to this webinar on the most recent data regarding hormonal contraception and HIV.

This discussion provides an excellent review of the data and explores the implications for the ECHO trial, the current research initiative attempting to answer how hormonal contraceptives affect the risk of acquiring HIV.

The webinar agenda included:

  • A summary of the recently released systematic review on hormonal contraception and HIV
  • Updates from the World Health Organization on its actions, planned and underway, related to this important question
  • Reflections from investigators involved in the ongoing ECHO trial that is studying three different contraceptive methods and their impact on the risk of acquiring HIV
  • The civil society view from the HC-HIV Advocacy Working Group—an issue-focused platform of African women advocates and their allies, convened by AVAC and ICW-EA

For background on this topic, please see the following resources: