What’s New?

February 27, 2019

Check out these new resources and updates on AVAC.org and PrEPWatch.org.

Pushing the Field Forward

Read Describing–and Doing–the Work: AVAC in print and in the streets, featured on our P-Values blog, for AVAC’s overview of articles featured in a special issue of Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS. AVAC staff members Emily Bass, Laura Fitch, Anabel Gomez and Maureen Luba Milambe joined collaborators in advocacy and human-centered design to co-author two important articles that each highlight our core business of bold, evidence-informed advocacy and action.

Doing It Right: Anatomy of an effective stakeholder consultation

What made the early stakeholder consultation for the Microbicides Trials Network study MTN-042, or DELIVER, such a powerful tool for meaningful engagement when so many other meetings under the name of “stakeholder engagement” are perfunctory occasions? Read our blog to find out!

Diving Deep into Demand Creation

The OPTIONS Consortium—a USAID-funded initiative to expedite and sustain access to antiretroviral-based HIV prevention products—has developed a five-part video series, featured on PrEPWatch.org, that explores key aspects of demand creation for PrEP. Watch them to learn more about what it means to generate useful insights, and how to apply those insights to reach the people who need PrEP the most. And be sure to check out the complementary PrEP Communications Accelerator to help fast track PrEP uptake through strategic communications and demand creation.

Putting Data to Use as Advocates

Listen to a recording of amfAR’s recent webinar Data To Win in the COPs to see its databases on PEPFAR Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) come to life as a tool for advocacy. Created as part of the COMPASS Africa collaboration, this web tool gives HIV advocates access to a wide range of PEPFAR program data, such as district-level data with descriptions of what each indicator means, how the results are measured, and how the data can be interpreted. These data are presented in a variety of formats including data visualization, maps and downloadable PDFs.

PrEP Use Around the World: Global PrEP Tracker update

For details on the status of PrEP around the world, download the latest version of the Global PrEP Tracker available on PrEPWatch.org. It provides data on programs, number of enrollments, regulatory status and more—updated February 2019!

Making Our Px Pulse Podcast Even Better!

AVAC wants to hear from you! A year-and-a-half and 15 episodes later, we want to know how well Px Pulse serves your needs. Take this 10-minute survey, and we’ll apply what we learn to bring you insights and information about advocacy for HIV prevention research in the year ahead.

Announcing the 2019 Fellows

Early in February, we proudly announced our 2019 Fellows. These seven advocates, representing the 10th class of AVAC Fellows, will be taking on a variety of priority issues and engaging their communities and governments in Kenya, India, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. We hope you’ll find ways to collaborate with them and with us as the field faces major challenges and opportunities in the year ahead from the results of the ECHO and DISCOVER trials to the evolving rollout of oral PrEP, the possible approval of the dapivirine vaginal ring, a new urgency around condom programming and more.