Cindra Feuer

Senior Program Manager: Partnerships & Capacity Strengthening

Cindra is a Senior Program Manager at AVAC where she manages partner advocacy for AVAC’s Fellows and ROAR programs as well as key populations. Cindra has directly supported hundreds of partners from China to Lesotho in developing and realizing their advocacy objectives including steps toward an HIV cure, trans inclusivity in research, decriminalization of key populations and implementation of biomedical interventions across continents.

Prior to joining AVAC, Cindra held staff positions at POZ and HIV Plus magazines and has published on pandemics both domestically and internationally. She has worked with various groups, including the Lesbian Avengers and Sex Panic!, dedicated to pro-queer, pro-sex worker and anti-racist campaigns for sexual freedom and economic justice.

Cindra joined AVAC in 2008 and splits her time between the US and France.