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You Get What You Measure: Why Monitoring for PrEP Choice Helps Tell Our Story

The data we collect on a program determines its path and priorities. This webinar will cover the current state of PrEP M&E and efforts to improve and simplify the data we collect, allowing our data to better reflect how people are using PrEP, support PrEP choice amongst the growing array of PrEP methods, and enhance the stories we can tell about PrEP program implementation.


  • Katharine Kripke, Avenir Health, MOSAIC
  • Jessica Williamson, Avenir Health, MOSAIC


  • Omolabake Ekundayo, Ministry of Health Nigeria
  • Dr. Herbert Kadama, Ministry of Health Uganda
  • Ramatsoai Soothoane, Jhpiego, MOSAIC Project Lesotho


  • Adaobi Olisa, FHI360, MOSAIC Project Nigeria

This webinar will offer live French and Portuguese translation, courtesy of the South-to-South Learning Network in Africa.


  • BioPIC
  • South-toC-South Learning Network
  • The MOSAIC Project

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Responding to Project 2025’s Threats to Science, Rights and Resources

Project 2025 is part of an ongoing multi-pronged backlash to the sexual and reproductive health, gender and LGBTQ+ movements. It is likely the national game plan of a Trump administration should he win the US presidential election in November. This has serious implications for both domestic and foreign policies and programs for our communities and beyond. Building on the experience of the HIV movement in fighting these same far-right forces, this webinar will discuss potential responses through the lens of HIV affected communities and programs.


  • Sean Cahill, The Fenway Institute
  • Aleksei Lakhov, EuroNPUD
  • Will Ramirez, Southern AIDS Coalition
  • Beirne Roose-Synder, Council on Global Equality


  • Anne-christine d’Adesky, Stop the Coup 2025
  • Allan Maleche, KELIN


  • European AIDS Treatment Group
  • EuroNPUD
  • The Fenway Institute
  • Funders Concerned About AIDS
  • GSSG Foundation
  • Southern AIDS Coalition
  • Stop the Coup 2025

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The GPP Body of Evidence: GPP Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks, REAL and REAL2

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It’s Not Just about the Trial: GPP from discovery to delivery in TB research

GPP enhances every stage of the research lifecycle. In this webinar, our partners at TB Alliance, SMART4TB, and THINK will shared experiences, lessons learned, and innovative approaches in integrating GPP at the organizational, network and situational level, from drug development through delivery.


  • Stacey Hannah, AVAC
  • Dr. Michele Tameris, University of Cape Town


  • Stephanie Seidel, TB Alliance
  • Erica Lessem, SMART4TB
  • Masingita Lambane, THINK

Recording / Stephanie Seidel Slides / Erica Lessem Slides / Masingita Lambane Slides

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Illinois PrEP Summit 2024: Disrupting Disparities and Advancing Access

The conference focuses on advancing biomedical HIV prevention to help achieve Getting to Zero by 2030. Key summit goals include improving access, addressing disparities, fostering research and promoting community engagement. Join us for in-person sessions covering strategies, policies and implementation research.

This conference is curated by AFC, MATEC, PrEP4Teens and Project VIDA.

Registration closes, June 7, 2024.

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Using the COMPASS Campaign Advocacy Assessment Tool (C-CAAT) to assess the effectiveness of advocacy campaigns

This webinar is for all COMPASS coalition members, partners, stakeholders and individuals taking on advocacy in various fields.

By the end of the webinar participants are expected to have an improved capacity on how to reflect on advocacy outcomes (positive and negative) individually and collectively with relevant stakeholders and partners; enhanced ability to identify, describe and document advocacy outcomes in a clear and structured manner; and an improved capacity to identify follow up actions/tactics needed to achieve the advocacy goal or respond in the event of a setback.

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Lab to the Jab: Lessons learned and what’s next in HIV vaccine research

AVAC’s issue briefs, From Lab to Jab, cover the barriers to, and solutions for equitable access to vaccines in low- and middle-income countries. During this webinar, an expert panel discussed lessons learned, an international initiative for vaccine development, and how research and access can be improved.


  • Mitchell Warren, AVAC
  • Tracy Swan, AVAC and Make Medicines Affordable Campaign


  • Dr. Jerome Kim, International Vaccine Institute
  • Dr Els Torreele, æqua
  • Othoman Mellouk, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition

Recording / Dr. Jerome Kim Slides / Dr. Els Torreele Slides / Othoman Mellouk Slides

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HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections: Progress and gaps

13:00 – 14:30 CEST PM

Please join this webinar being held in the run up to the 77th World Health Assembly.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will launch a publication, which describes progress and gaps identified during the first two years of implementing the global health sector strategies on HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) for 2022-2030.

Moderators will ask key leaders in the responses to HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs how we can increase visibility, political will and community activism to accelerate action.

Panelists include:

  • Jérôme Salomon, WHO, Switzerland
  • Jessica Hicks, World Hepatitis Alliance, United Kingdom
  • Maureen Luba, AVAC, Malawi
  • Meg Doherty, WHO, Switzerland
  • Patty Garcia, Cayetano Heredia University, Peru
  • Philippe Duneton, Unitaid, Switzerland
  • Sabin Nsanzimana, Ministry of Health, Rwanda (TBC)

The conversation will be moderated by Charles Gore from the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) and Birgit Poniatowski from IAS – the International AIDS Society.

The webinar is organized by IAS – the International AIDS Society – and its partners, WHO, Medicines Patent Pool and Unitaid.

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What’s Next for the Pandemic Accord? A civil society and communities perspective

13:30-15:00PM Geneva Time

This side event featured expert panelists discussing what’s promising in the Pandemic Accord, what we expect from governments, and what’s missing for successful implementation. Selected panelists came from different health areas but all have experience in pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.

This panel also helped civil society prepare for the coming year and gain capacity to meaningfully engage in advocacy around implementation of the Accord. 

This event was co-sponsored with Care and Frontline AIDS. This in-person meeting will be recorded and the recording will be posted on this page following the event.

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Analysis & Impact of the Ugandan Constitutional Court Ruling on HIV Services

Please join us for a deep dive into the recent ruling on the Anti-Homosexuality Act by the Ugandan Constitutional Court, with a focus on implications for HIV programs in Uganda and beyond, and connections to the US Supreme Court Dodds decision.

Speakers Include:

  • Andrea Gillespie, Associate Director of Global Advocacy, Human Rights Campaign
  • Maureen Milanga, Director International Policy and Advocacy, Health GAP
  • Ugandan activist TBC