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18th ICASA Conference 2015

This page includes information on the 18th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA 2015). Featured below are details on select events related to biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation.

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Conference Events

  • ICASA 2015 HIV Prevention Research Roadmap: We pulled together a roadmap of select sessions for those tracking biomedical prevention research and rollout. Download as a PDF or XLS file. Full program available here.
  • WNZ@ICASA:Check out the WNZ programme for opportunities that were present to engage and dialogue with women’s organizations across Africa. AVAC collaborated on a number of events at the WNZ, including updates on the dapivirine ring trials, PrEP for women, hormonal contraception and HIV, women’s role in VMMC rollout, barriers in access to treatment and HIV prevention research and delivery.
  • Satellite Session: Adapting the WHO guidelines on oral PrEP: What will it take?, hosted by USAID, PEPFAR, WHO and the OPTIONS Consortium, comprised of FHI360, Wits RHI and AVAC. The panel covered an overview of the WHO Interim Guidelines and key oral PrEP research findings and demonstration projects, with a discussion on what it will take to introduce and scale up PrEP and other ARV-based prevention options within combination prevention programmes.


  • Local Investments with Global Implications: The contributions of African countries who host HIV prevention research and development, check out the presentation here.