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AIDS 2020: Virtual

In early July, the world’s largest gathering on HIV/AIDS went virtual for the first time. AIDS 2020:Virtual, the 23rd edition of the International AIDS Conference, offered the latest scientific breakthroughs on HIV, opportunities for advocates to come together to sharpen their agenda and new to this year, a special day-long meeting devoted to COVID-19. Read on for our highlights of AIDS 2020 Virtual and be sure to check out our recent blog The View from AIDS 2020 Virtual – AVAC’s Take.

Program Highlights

AVAC’s Research Literacy Zone

AVAC’s Research Literacy Zone (RLZN) featured resources on biomedical interventions, the clinical trial process, advocacy for the integration of sexual reproductive health with HIV prevention and treatment, and the impact of HIV and COVID-19 on each other. The RLZN also featured a series of virtual conversation and Q&As with leading researchers and advocates. Click to download the chat recordings below!

Research Literacy Networking Zone Pop-Up Chats

On Demand-Only Sessions

Symposia and Bridging Session, On-Demand Channel
Ending the HIV Epidemic: Optimism, realism and disparities. Listen to hear four perspectives on where we are and where we should go as we aim to end the HIV epidemic around the world. Speakers presented four distinct perspectives, each speaking across geographies and populations.

Symposia and Bridging Session, On-Demand Channel
How did they do it? What successful communities can teach all of us about making dramatic progress against HIV epidemics and what this means in the age of COVID. Cities, regions and countries around the world have brought down HIV incidence and mortality. How did they do it? Last year, amfAR, AVAC and Friends of the Global Fight, in partnership with Kaiser Family Foundation, released a report, Translating Progress Into Success to End the AIDS Epidemic, looking at success stories. In this session, advocates and researchers from these case studies discussed how to apply the lessons they learned to advocacy and policy.

Symposia and Bridging Session, On-Demand Channel
Bound But Not Gagged: Resilience in the era of the global gag rule. Listen to learn about the impact of the global gag rule and the domestic (US) gag rule on women and girls around the world, including key populations and how they have responded.

On-Demand Posters