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AIDS 2022

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The world’s largest conference on HIV/AIDS, AIDS 2022, convened from July 27-August 2 in Montreal, Canada. Hosted by the International AIDS Society, this was 24th session of the conference and the first since the pandemic to offer in-person and virtual access.

AIDS 2022 launched at a pivotal moment in HIV prevention. The ability to deliver two new proven PrEP methods will determine conversations and decisions happening now. These decisions will impact policies and funding for products in the pipeline and programs to deliver what’s available today for HIV prevention. It’s time to sharpen the agenda for HIV prevention and global health equity. AIDS 2022 offered opportunities to engage in these conversations while getting up to date on the latest research, rollout, policy and advocacy.

Below AVAC find resources related to the conference overall and find key sessions on prevention.

For a full roundup from Montreal, read our blog post.



Panels, Satellites, Sessions and Workshops Featuring AVAC and Partners

Friday, July 29

  • [Satellite] Next Generation PrEP: Science, policy, and community impact
    18:15-19:45 EDT

    How do clinical trials assess efficacy of new and still-needed experimental products, with highly effective options available to the public? This session explores the need to bring key stakeholders including communities, industry and regulators to questions such as: How do regulators approach groundbreaking new trial designs in HIV prevention? How do these trial designs affect patients in the trials and those that may benefit from candidate drugs?

Saturday, July 30

  • [Symposium] Equitable roll out of health products: What will it take?
    14:15-15:15 EDT

    Discussing innovative strategies, collaborative partnerships and transparent processes that engage advocates, government agencies, policy makers, government and non-governmental funders, regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical companies and result in equitable access to new products, the key to achieving rapid and effective product rollout.

Sunday, July 31

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Monday, August 1

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