Avac Event

Breaking Regulatory Barriers for Greater Female Condom Access

A variety of safe and effective female condoms currently exist. However, regulatory hurdles limit new products from entering consumer markets. With the pipeline of new receptive-partner initiated condoms growing, advocates must understand how regulatory issues determine product introduction and approval in their country.

Join the National Female Condom Coalition June 3 at 11:00am EST to learn about:

  • Receptive partner-initiated condoms in development
  • Link between regulatory environment and female condom access
  • Current regulatory issues and obstacles
  • Unique advocacy opportunity to break barriers to existing female condoms and pave the way for emerging internal condoms

Panelists will include:

  • Mags Beksinska, Director, MatCH Research
  • Coco Jervis, Program Director, National Women’s Health Network
  • Jessica Terlikowski, Director of Prevention Technology Education, AIDS Foundation of Chicago & National Female Condom Coalition