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From the Booty’s Point of View: Using perceptibility data to inform rectal microbicide development

Rectal microbicide development has made strides in recent years, but, as with vaginal microbicides, adherence remains a concern for product developers.

There are two “P” words we have always loved – pleasure and prevention.

Perceptibility is a new strategy for evaluating what products feel like and how they “behave” in the body (in the booty as well!), during insertion, everyday activities, and, of course, during sex. The hope is that, by understanding how product characteristics impact how they are felt and understood by potential users, we can better design products for pleasure and prevention.

In this presention, Kate Morrow explained the third “P” word, perceptibility. She told us why it is so crucial to both pleasure and HIV prevention, how the perceptibility process works, and how it helps create rectal microbicide products that people actually want to use.

View the full webinar here.