Avac Event

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2016 Events


  • Two live Twitter chats led by Youth Coalition Against AIDS (GYCA) to connect young people throughout Africa with HIV vaccine researchers and IAVI CEO to discuss HIV vaccine research issues.
  • “Know your rights” advocacy workshop, a one-hour online workshop led by ICW and facilitated by KAVI-ICR focusing on HIV vaccine R&D, to be attended by ICW women leaders around the world.


  • Two-day HIV Research and Development Meeting led by WACI-Health for National Civil Society Leaders from the East and Southern African region; titled “Strengthening CSO Leadership in HIV Prevention Research & Development (R&D) in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Region” the meeting aims to accelerate civil society action on investments and innovation in research on AIDS vaccines and other biomedical prevention.
  • Mobilizing event organized by KAVI-ICR, to include a boxing match, a procession led by a band, VCT provision, and speeches and updates on HIV and HIV research.

South Africa

  • Community event conducted by Aurum Institute with a football match between Aurum MMC clinic and the Clinical Research Centre, Edutainment, VCT, updates on HIV vaccine R&D, and distribution of IEC materials.


  • HVAD outreach led by Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (AFRIMS), including the history of vaccine development globally and in Thailand, and an update on the P5 research program in Africa and its relation to vaccine trials in Thailand; attended by the mayor of Pattaya.




  • Grassroots and district level outreach events for fishing communities and high-risk young women to provide updates on currently available prevention options and the need for continued vaccine research—supported and led by IAVI-UVRI and MRC/UVRI.
  • Two television talk shows, one in English and one in Uganda providing updates on Uganda’s role in the global efforts to develop an HIV vaccine—supported by the Vaccine Interest Group.

United States

  • San Francisco Bay Area meeting with community members and providers to learn about and discuss current HIV vaccine research.