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IAS 2019

The IAS 2019 conference is a biennial gathering for those working in the field of HIV, including policy makers, persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the epidemic, was held in Mexico City, Mexico. It featured some of the most critical advances in basic, clinical and operational research that moves science into policy and practice.

Dispatches from Mexico City

AVAC offered comments and updates on Twitter and Facebook. Search the conference hashtag — #IAS2019 to find more conference related posts.

HIV Prevention Roadmap

The IAS 2019 Conference included hundreds of sessions, pre-conferences, and meetings—many focused on HIV prevention research and implementation. We had an Excel version, sortable by focus, and a PDF version.

AVAC and Partners at IAS 2019

Press Conference:

Data from six locations inform the future of the HIV response

Satellite Sessions:

“Sticky linkage”: Latest evidence and new strategies

Hormonal Contraception and HIV Risk: Understanding the ECHO trials results, and what’s next for women, providers, policies, and programs

Symposia Sessions:

We’re engaged! Strategies for enhancing community-researcher relationships

  • Community mobilization, effective involvement and ownership in HIV prevention research. Download the slides.

HIV testing and management in the era of PrEP

  • Considerations for community messaging about HIV testing in the context of PrEP. Download the slides.

Oral Abstract Sessions:

Research by and for whom? Community engagement in research

  • Bringing good participatory practice into action: Considerations and challenges from a sponsor perspective. Download the slides.
  • Getting from Good Participatory Practice to Good Trial Outcomes for Everyone: how stakeholders believe GPP works (or not). Download the slides.

Prevention is more than PrEP

  • Condom and oral PrEP use among female sex workers: Findings from a study in South Africa. Download the slides.
  • Improving prevention choice while we wait for an HIV vaccine: Prioritizing resources for key population-specific prevention research and implementation. Download the slides.


  • Innovative demand creation changes in rolling out oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in Kenya – the Jilinde experience. Download the poster.
  • Tracking Oral PrEP Access Globally: Using Initiation Trend Data to Inform Product Introduction. Download the poster.
  • The Global PrEP Research Landscape: Mapping studies of oral PrEP implementation and impact. Download the poster.
  • HIV prevention decisions by at-risk young women in South Africa: Proposing a novel Integrated behavioral journey framework using a mixed methods research approach.
    Download the poster.
  • What we know and don’t know about adolescent girls and young women and HIV Prevention in sub-Saharan Africa: Analysis of insights across completed, ongoing and planned projects. Download the poster.