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International AIDS Conference 2016

This year the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016), a biennial gathering for those working in the field of HIV, including policy makers, persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the epidemic, is being held in Durban, South Africa.

Dispatches from Durban

AVAC posted live updates from Durban on Twitter and Facebook. We also offer more in-depth daily updates. See below, or join our Advocates’ Network and receive timely email updates from the field.

Daily Updates

AVAC Staffer Micheal Ighodaro’s Plenary Speech

“The people who talk about leaving no one behind ask people like me to be polite, to stay calm, to grieve quietly, while my brothers and sisters are dying or imprisoned. Our bodies are seen as an abomination or deserving of HIV—and you still want to know the source of my rage. I cannot decorate this pain for you, I cannot make a beautiful homage, and I cannot invoke hope and prayers. I cannot smile. I need to see action now, today…”

Micheal Ighodaro, Plenary Speech, July 20, International AIDS Conference 2016. Watch.

Prevention at AIDS2016

Research Literacy Networking Zone

AVAC, in partnership with IRMA, NHVMAS, TAG, WACI Health and WRHI, is excited to host the first-ever Research Literacy Networking Zone (Booth 606 in the Global Village) at AIDS 2016. The RLNZ brings together conference delegates and local community members to network and discuss ongoing and planned HIV prevention, cure research and the rollout of new interventions. Click here for all the details!

AIDS 2016 Roadmap

AVAC prepared a full roadmap highlighting sessions throughout the conference—available as a PDF and an Excel spreadsheet, sortable by prevention option and more.


Check out the conference on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The Programme-at-a-Glance identifies sessions focused on specific issues such as cure, vaccines, key populations and more.

Go to FHI 360, at Crowd 360, for the official source of live coverage of AIDS 2016 on social media. News reports and scientific analysis are available from NAM and Clinical Care Options.

AVAC @ AIDS 2016

For a full accounting of what AVAC is up to in Durban (pre-conference activities, satellite sessions, abstracts, workshops, etc.), download this PDF.

Satellite Sessions

Monday, July 18