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Long-Acting Injectables Antiretrovirals for Treatment and Prevention

Heard about a “tail” for long-acting injectables and want to know more? Interested in the timeline for when people with HIV might have injectable drug options for treatment? Wondering how people felt about getting an injection for PrEP? David Margolis (ViiV Healthcare) and Marty Markowitz (Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center) spoke about long-acting injectable antiretrovirals for treatment and prevention.

Click for the slides and an audio recording. A link to the Flash animation is below.

At CROI, Margolis presented findings from the LATTE 2 trial, which tested a pair of long-acting injectables—cabotegravir (from ViiV Healthcare) and rilpivarine (from Janssen)—for HIV maintenance therapy, and Markowitz presented findings from the ÉCLAIR paste 2A study of cabotegravir in HIV-uninfected men.

And this webinar is part of our post-2016 CROI webinar series. Click for more information.