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Pleasure, Protection, Love, Lust, And Listening to Communities: The Future of HIV Prevention is Here

A webinar in memory of HIV prevention pioneer and revolutionary Jeff McConnell. A respected and passionate sociologist, Jeff (who passed away at the age of 49 this past February) was also a gay man living with HIV, and his identity was an important component of the science he conducted. His brilliant, human-touch research on gay men’s sex, sexuality, and various prevention methodologies involving treatment and PrEP was groundbreaking, visionary, and way ahead of most of us.

Influential on a global scale, Jeff’s work has given us powerful insight into social and sexual networks – and love and pleasure – as important, necessary components of HIV prevention efforts. Panelists paid tribute and memorialized Jeff by reminding us of his pivotal contributions to science and sharing anecdotes.

They also discussed where we are today and the future of HIV prevention.

Watch the full flash webinar here.