Avac Event

PrEP in the Wild — A whirlwind tour of the who, what, where and how of PrEP use and provision outside of approval

In this webinar, presenters spoke about PrEP’s use and provision in countries that haven’t yet approved it or who are in the early days post approval. Among others, these presenters from Thailand, South Africa, England, Peru, Mexico and the United States took on the following questions and more:

  • Where is informal PrEP (“in the wild”) happening, among which populations?
  • What are the perspectives of patients and providers?
  • Are people following the full PrEP program (i.e. regular HIV and STI testing, medical monitoring, adherence support, sexual health counseling, other care)?
  • What do advocacy efforts look like in different countries?
  • What are the public’s perceptions of PrEP in different countries?
  • How can the “PrEP in the Wild” global survey help your work?

Watch a Flash animation version of the webinar.