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PrEP Justice: Updates on the US v. Gilead case and the fight for equitable PrEP access

In a major twist that could potentially result in as much as $1B for equitable PrEP access in the US, the government has just made the decision to appeal last year’s jury verdict in the US v. Gilead case. Following pressure from PrEP4All and HIV/AIDS advocates, the US government originally brought the case in 2019, alleging that Gilead had infringed on PrEP patents held by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and owed royalties to the government. While a jury verdict in May of last year went against the government, the judge in the case overturned a key part of that verdict just this March, setting the stage for a government appeal.

The stakes for communities in need of PrEP access could not be higher. Gilead’s patent infringement and price gouging have sabotaged equitable PrEP access in America. Royalties paid to the government could and should form the basis for a National PrEP Program that would help erase those disparities. Join The Choice Agenda and PrEP4All to discuss the origin of US v. Gilead, the reasons for the government appeal, and what the case means for PrEP users in the United States.


  • Michael Chancley, PrEP4All


  • Chris Morten, Columbia Law School
  • Jeremiah Johnson, PrEP4All