Avac Event

The Latest on Lab Tests, Lubed Monkeys, and Lube-Using Humans

Why should you care if sexual lubricants are safe or not? What do we know, and what do we need to know? What’s happening to move the issue of lube safety forward? What’s not happening? Join IRMA and AVAC and our expert guests who will provide an exciting update on the latest in lubricant safety and help us answer these important questions.

Dr. Ellen Kersh of the CDC will begin the webinar with a discussion of a rectal challenge study done in monkeys using a hyperosmolar lube as a model for HIV risk and rectal lubricant use. Following, Dr. Kevin Rebe of Anova Health Institute will share findings from lube safety experiments he led using common lubes in South Africa, and Dr. Pamina Gorbach of UCLA will present brand new behavioral data a multi-site study at US STD clinics. IRMA’s own Marc-Andre LeBlanc, our resident lube expert, will then provide a current snapshot of lubricant advocacy activities, including ways you can get involved to make progress on the lube safety agenda.

View the full flash webinar here.