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Webinar: An Overview of Vaccine Development with Julie Ake of MHRP

Lieutenant Colonel Julie Ake, Principal Deputy Director of the US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP), wraps up our HVAD webinar series by providing an overview of MHRP’s HIV program and helping to connect dots in the HIV vaccine field.

Ake takes us through the landmark RV144 trial, the first HIV vaccine trial to show efficacy, and gives a clear and compelling update on where HIV vaccine research is and where it needs to go to ensure the development of a safe and effective vaccine. She also provides insight into the linkages to HIV treatment and cure research, as well as other vaccine development efforts, illuminating in particular the ways in which HIV vaccine research has informed Ebola and Zika vaccine development.

This was the fifth in our series of HIV Vaccine Awareness Day webinars. For details on the full series, visit avac.org/hvad.

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