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Webinar: Are we there yet? The long and winding rectal road…

IRMA’s Marc-Andre LeBlanc and Craig Hendrix of Johns Hopkins and the Microbicide Trials Network provide a rollicking rectal recap. From the rectal dawn of research and advocacy til today, scientists and advocates have worked together tirelessly (and fiercely) to advance safe, effective, acceptable and accessible rectal microbicides for the men, women, and transgender individuals who want and need them.

With threats to the microbicide field at large coming from multiple angles, this webinar takes stock of where we have been and where we are now in terms of rectal microbicide research and advocacy to help us chart our collective course forward. We seek to ensure adequate, sustainted resources for the development of user-desired, user-initiated, short-term, non-systemic, pleasure-enancing HIV prevention options – including rectal microbicides.

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