Avac Event

Webinar: Introducing Oral PrEP: A step-by-step framework, tools and updates

At CROI 2018 we heard stories, saw new data, and had lots of questions about early PrEP rollout. On Wednesday, April 18th, AVAC and partners from Jilinde in Kenya and PZAT in Zimbabwe explored valuable resources for people working to deliver oral PrEP. See below for some of the tools and resources we will explored and discussed during the webinar.

  • Country Updates and the Global PrEP Tracker provide the status of PrEP.
  • A Framework For Scaling Up PrEP provides step-by-step guidance for introducing PrEP into new settings.
  • PrEP Resources aims to be a central repository for materials currently being used by programs—in areas such as global guidance; national policies and guidelines; M&E; training curricula; advocacy; implementation; and demand creation.

All of these materials (and many more) can be found on PrEPWatch.org, the clearinghouse for oral PrEP efforts across the globe.

Recording: YouTube / Audio / Slides