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Webinar: The Power–and Pitfalls–of Modeling for COVID-19 and HIV

On Thursday, May 7, AVAC held a webinar, The Power–and Pitfalls–of Modeling for COVID-19 and HIV, to discuss current COVID-19 models, and the benefits and limitations of mathematical models as they apply to both COVID-19 and HIV prevention.

In the fourth installment of AVAC’s webinar series on COVID-19 and its relationship to HIV, John Stover, Vice President and founder of Avenir Health, discussed the current state of COVID-19 modeling. Mr. Stover was joined by his Avenir colleague Nadia Carvalho who discussed a new learning opportunity for advocates wishing to use modeling in their work. This online course was developed by Avenir as part of the Coalition to Accelerate & Support Prevention Research (CASPR) led by AVAC and supported by USAID.

Recording and Slides: YouTube / Avenir’s slides

The transcript of the Webinar Q&A can also be found here.

To learn more about modeling, check out this brief on Understanding COVID-19 Mathematical Models.