Avac Event

Webinar: We’re On Our Way: Moving forward on the rectal road – new drugs, formulations and modes of delivery

This IRMA/AVAC teleconference featured Dr. Jose Bauermeister (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Craig Hendrix (Johns Hopkins) and Dr. Kenneth Palmer (University of Louisville) who presented their promising new rectal microbicide research that is underway — we have new molecules, new formulations, new platforms for delivery and new acceptability explorations. Very exciting stuff!

On August 7, we glanced back at where we have been on this long and winding rectal road. On August 21, we looked to where we are going – where we need to go. It is this momentum we want to sustain. And it is the promise of a safe, effective, acceptable/desirable and accessible rectal microbicide for which we must fight — the future is not promised.

Recording: YouTube / Audio / Slides