Avac Event

What Will it Take to Achieve an AIDS-Free World?

This inaugural translational medicine conference: What Will it Take to Achieve an AIDS-Free World?, which will bring the audiences and editors of The Lancet and Cell together to bridge the gap between clinicians and researchers focused on understanding, managing, preventing and curing HIV/AIDS.

The ambition is to host a meeting every year that will address the most pressing topics in translational medicine. The 2013 inaugural conference will offer:

  • A combination of contributions from basic researchers, physicians, policy leaders and industry scientists working on HIV/AIDS
  • World-renowned speakers with a broad range of expertise across the interlocking fields of HIV research and clinical practice
  • Opportunities for knowledge exchange and synergy to accelerate progress in addressing the disease

The desire to reach out and connect across disciplines can be hampered by lack of a common language. At the conference the editors of Cell and The Lancet will curate sessions that are designed to capture the energy at the interface between basic researchers and physicians that we hope will start new conversations that will catalyze the development of new translational approaches and solutions.