Cai Lingping

China HIV/AIDS Information Network (CHAIN) - 2013 Fellow -

Lingping currently runs the China HIV/AIDS Information Network (CHAIN), the organisation that hosted her during her Fellowship project and the most important HIV/AIDS resource hub in China. At the time of her project, she had spent more than ten years working in social development, particularly in HIV/AIDS prevention and care in China. She has extensive knowledge of the operations of China’s health system at different levels. As a manager at CHAIN, she was responsible for the publication of the annual directory of INGOs and domestic NGOs working on HIV and AIDS in China. Lingping also served on the Country Coordinating Mechanism of the China Global Fund AIDS Project as well as its NGO Advisory Group and on the board of the China Alliance of PLHIV from 2009 to 2011.

Fellowship Focus
Lingping prepared the way for PrEP in China, working with researchers, policy makers and MSM. She organized Beijing’s first PrEP dialogue and published three newsletters, providing the most updated information on PrEP and global advances in new prevention strategies. She collected perceptions, opinions and concerns about PrEP from potential PrEP users to help inform her advocacy with policy makers and others.

In Their Own Words
Chinese officials and researchers are not likely to communicate with the community. An independent NGO can play a very important role in the middle, providing the knowledge and skills to both sides.

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