Lepheana Mosooane

Jhpiego - 2016 Fellow - 2016

Lepheana is the founder and interim coordinator of the Key Affected Populations Alliance of Lesotho, the first and only sex workers organisation in Lesotho. He’s also the program coordinator at the Disabled and HIV/AIDS Organization Lesotho, where he coordinates an MSM project funded by USAID. He is a three-time award-winning filmmaker and social activist who uses the power of film to address issues affecting young people, marginalized communities and individuals. He has worked as a radio drama scriptwriter, a filmmaker and activist.

Fellowship Focus
Lepheana used the power of film to advocate and create demand for VMMC and to facilitate HIV education in Lesotho. He specifically focused on the issue of integration of VMMC and traditional circumcision and initiated important conversations to influence national VMMC policy and programming. He established an important civil society coalition that has continued to advocate for issues surrounding health and human rights in Lesotho.

In Their Own Words
As an HIV educator and filmmaker, I can use the power of film to advocate for VMMC so as to effectively create demand and facilitate HIV education.

My Work as a Fellow

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