Samuel Anyula Gorigo

Hoymas Kenya - 2024/2025

Samuel Anyula Gorigo, also known as Sam, is a dedicated healthcare professional with over five years of experience specializing in HIV prevention, care and treatment, as well as sexually transmitted infections. With a strong background in public health for key populations and advocacy for health rights championing accessibility, equity and inclusivity. Leading the clinical arm at HOYMAS Kenya, my project seeks to strengthen HIV prevention while amplifying anal health and HPV vaccine accessibility for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM). My advocacy pushes for reforms in health policies and guidelines to be inclusive and equitable. Through the AVAC 2024 Advocacy Fellowship, I intend to address health service gaps for GBMSM, advocating for comprehensive and responsive health policies that cater to the unique needs of key populations, ensuring equitable health systems for all.

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