Thuthukile Mbatha

Section 27 - 2017 Fellow - 2017

Advocacy Accomplishments for the Year

Thuthu advocated for PrEP implementation among higher education institutions throughout South Africa, while mobilizing students to become PrEP advocates themselves. With Thuthu’s support, students from the University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban University of Technology, Mangosuthu University of Technology, Witswatersand, University of Johannesburg and Rosebank College started programmes in their respective campuses to create sustainable PrEP awareness. Thuthu also guest-edited an entire issue of Treatment Action Campaign and Section 27’s joint publication Spotlight where she shined a light on young women’s reproductive health.

In Her Own Words

I never knew how important advocates are from the invention of HIV prevention products until they get into the hands of end users. Also, the students’ eagerness to be part of my advocacy project was very heart warming. They came up with different strategies to try to reach other students to share the information with them. They led by example, initiating on PrEP so that they can share their experiences with other students through the peer education programme. That was one of many highlights for me.


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