Ulanda Mtamba

Advancing Girls Education in Africa - 2018 Fellow - 2018

Ulanda is the Country Director for AGE Africa, the organization that hosted her during her Fellowship. At the time of her project, she had more than 12 years of experience in national and international non-profit-focused programming and implementation, with an emphasis on organizational development, governance and behavioral change and communication. Before joining the Fellows program, she managed the STEPS project, a program aimed at improving the quality of life for people living with HIV. She has served in different roles at national and international organizations such as the United Nations for Development Program (UNDP), GOAL Malawi and NAPHAM.

Fellowship Focus
Ulanda’s advocacy for investment in HIV prevention for young women is broad and deep, and marks her as a recognized national leader engaging with the Ministry of Health and ethics and regulatory committees. Her work resulted in increases in PEPFAR and Global Fund investments, input into research protocols and enhanced civil society organization research advocacy in Malawi, the establishment of a dapivirine ring task team and scenario plan and the creation of a CSO advocacy forum in the southern Malawi region. Ulanda also regularly appeared on radio, TV and in print media.

In Their Own Words
Advocacy takes time to realize gains, therefore it is important to celebrate the small wins. All objectives sometimes cannot be achieved in your year of Fellowship, but you initiate the process. Knowing and working with your allies is essential when pushing an advocacy agenda. Advocacy is different from project management.



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