GPP Guidelines, Translations & Adaptations

Shaping and improving research since 2007

The Good Participatory Practice Guidelines have been shaping and improving HIV prevention research since 2007. They provide a global reference guide for ethical and effective stakeholder engagement, helping ensure the priorities of trial participants and their communities are centered in clinical trials and broader research agendas.  

Over the past 16 years, the original GPP guidelines for HIV prevention have been issued in 10 languages and adapted to other disease areas, including tuberculosis, COVID-19, and emerging pathogens. GPP has given rise to a robust global community of practice, with an expansive history of lessons learned and success stories for the world to build upon. 

GPP for Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials

The Good Participatory Practice (GPP) Guidelines offer trial funders, sponsors and implementers systematic guidance on how to engage stakeholders throughout the research lifecycle of HIV Prevention Trials.


Translations: GPP for Biomedical HIV Trials

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