Coalition to Accelerate & Support Prevention Research (CASPR)

An African-Led Movement for Prevention Research

The Coalition to Accelerate & Support Prevention Research (CASPR) project focuses on developing and sustaining an Africa-centered network dedicated to accelerating biomedical HIV prevention research, and advancing equitable access to proven HIV prevention products.


Amidst a shrinking envelope of global resources for the overall HIV response, the HIV prevention field is challenged with scaling up proven prevention options while sustaining momentum in research and development (R&D) of next-generation HIV prevention products. People need a rich array of effective choices that work for their life circumstances, and urgently.

But as we’ve learned from past experience, once products are shown to work, programs, policies and funding must match the needs of affected communities and overcome the barriers that have blocked or slowed access in the past, while at the same time, accelerating R&D of the prevention pipeline.

CASPR’s many initiatives take on these challenges.


The Coalition to Accelerate & Support Prevention Research (CASPR), designed by AVAC in collaboration with key partners and supported by USAID, is a set of partnerships and activities focused on accelerating biomedical HIV prevention research.

CASPR is an Africa-led coalition of 13+ partners, supported by AVAC, working together to change how HIV prevention is pursued and delivered. CASPR activities are focused primarily in key African countries with the highest burden of new HIV infections, and where biomedical HIV prevention research is ongoing or planned. The Coalition:

  • Supports advocacy networks to strengthen and expand a global cadre of informed, action-oriented advocates who advance an agenda for HIV prevention research.
  • Translates research and shares accessible resources with advocates and others to ensure scientific advancements translate with policies and practices that uphold the needs and interests of all stakeholders, particularly trial participants and the communities research is intended to benefit. 
  • Conducts research preparedness to ensure that rights & interests of trial participants, eventual users and communities are represented and respected throughout the process, from research to rollout.
  • Advocates for policies that support efficient and ethical development, introduction and use of new HIV prevention options.


CASPR has created a platform to support, expand and advance African-centered leadership on the crucial advocacy that’s needed to ensure a robust pipeline of prevention options reach the people who need them most. 

In six years, the CASPR project has: 

  • Ensured that the design of next-generation HIV prevention trials reflect and incorporate stakeholder perspectives
  • Influenced the development of policies to invest in domestic financing for HIV prevention R&D
  • Accelerated the advance of a women-centered research agenda, that integrates sexual and reproductive health R&D, coordinates with strategies to ensure access to proven products, and anticipates the introduction of multi-purpose prevention technologies (MPTs)
  • Built consensus around priorities for the pipeline of HIV prevention R&D to influence funders, researchers and other decision makers
  • And much more

CASPR information is also available in a PDF project brief version. Download here.


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