The Choice Agenda

The Choice Agenda is a global forum for advocacy on the latest in HIV prevention research


Discussion, debate, and information sharing has been core to HIV advocacy and activism for over four decades resulting in many hard fought global gains in HIV treatment and prevention. 

Today, as we work to make complex science accessible, identify where advocacy and action are needed, and pursue bold national, regional, and international agendas that improve global responses to HIV and prepare to prevention future pandemics, we need a space to come together.

About the Project

The Choice Agenda provides such a space—it is a new global forum for advocacy on the latest in HIV prevention. With monthly webinars hosting highly-informed discussions with advocates and experts across the field and a moderated listserv of nearly 2000 subscribers from 40 countries, the Choice Agenda platform is serving as an essential space for the HIV prevention community to come together to discuss, debate and chart the way forward. 

The Choice Agenda program, and all of its participants take on a wide range of topics. Together, the TCA community drills into critical choices, including the need for short acting, non-systemic, user-controlled options, and a wide range of tailored implementation strategies that must define advocacy, the HIV response, and global health equity at large. Participants are also provided with links to a curation of exceptional resources to support further education and advocacy.

Join the Listserv

Join in on agenda-setting conversations. Members are encouraged to share their opinions and concerns and contribute to discussions and debates in the space. They can also reach out with suggestions about webinar content and speakers. Reach out to Jim at to be added to the list.

The Webinars

The Choice Agenda hosts monthly webinars and moderates passionate, highly-informed discussions with advocates and experts across the field. Upcoming events are above on this page. Recordings are available here. Materials from previous events will be posted soon.

Stay in Touch

Follow along on Twitter via #TheChoiceAgenda and email Jim to join the listserv.

So many interesting threads and important to have a platform where people can voice difficult issues in a frank and challenging way. I am learning so much.

Dr Rachel Baggaley

Thank you so much Jim for moderating this forum. I want to nominate Jim to be the next PM for Thailand.

Udom Likhitwonnawut
AVAC consultant