Supporting Advocate Education and Campaigns

AVAC’s PxROAR (Prevention Research, Outreach, Advocacy and Representation) and CureROAR trains US, European and African partners in advocacy to advance research and ultimately rollout of interventions related to HIV cure and prevention. The program provides mentorship, peer support, networking opportunities, technical support and financial assistance.

Supporting Advocacy Where it’s Needed

The ROAR programs bring together advocates around regional or topic-based issues to support specialized advocacy. Each ROAR cadre develops expertise and an advocacy agenda to advance key priorities. Providing this support means critical issues, such as the inclusion of transgender people in research or investment in cure research or scrutinizing the role of FDA approval in global access to new prevention options will be doggedly advanced by informed and effective advocates.

About the Project

The ROAR programs educate its members on the science of HIV prevention and cure research. Additionally, they demystify and empower members to understand the process of then delivering proven interventions to the communities that need these options most.

The ROAR programs also provide a platform for specific advocacy campaigns. The five cadres of ROAR advocates are PxROAR US, PxROAR Europe, PxROAR Africa, PxROAR TG and CureROAR. Members are based in Africa, the US and Europe, and represent the range of HIV-affected communities.

Meet the members of PxROAR US, PxROAR Europe, PxROAR Africa, PxROAR TG and CureROAR.

  • PxROAR United States & PxROAR Europe: These programs expand members’ capacity to contribute to advocacy for research, development and implementation of new HIV prevention options. Members track FDA and EMA licensing processes and advocate for sustained funding to key research entities including the US National Institutes of Health and European-based research institutes funded through the EU’s Financial Framework 2014-2020 and Horizon 2020.
  • PxROAR Africa: Through dialogues, shared learning and strategic action, this ROAR team advances the human right to health, including comprehensive HIV prevention treatment and care. With extensive experience in advocacy and activism aimed at securing self-determination, free expression, and culturally competent health services, PxROAR AFRICA’s work focuses on agendas that will eventually end HIV epidemics in their communities. Members represent LGBTQI individuals, sex workers and other criminalized and marginalized populations.
  • PxROAR TG: PxROAR TG articulates an HIV prevention advocacy agenda specifically for trans people within the framework of key populations’ needs and programs. Members are based in Southern and Eastern Africa.
  • CureROAR: The HIV cure field is undergoing a period of robust scientific investigation. The CureROAR program supports members to understand the relevant science and prepare an advocacy agenda that will ensure cure research reflects the needs, priorities and experiences of all populations affected by HIV. CureROAR is made up of members from countries where cure research is taking place and CureROAR members represent communities affected by HIV.


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