The PxROAR TG program supports transgender and gender non-conforming HIV prevention advocates in Eastern and Southern Africa.


  • To enhance awareness of and advocacy for biomedical HIV prevention implementation and research as elements of a rights-based response to needs of transgender individuals.
  • To contribute to a transgender presence at country and regional level articulating a rights and biomedical prevention agenda within the framework of discussions about key populations’ needs and programs.

Linda Chamane
South Africa

Linda ChamaneLinda Chamane, known affectionately as Lee within the Queer community, is a pioneering Black transgender woman hailing from a small rural town in Ladysmith, and nurtured in Pietermaritzburg in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. She is the founder of IphimboLothingo: The voice of the Rainbow, a transgender-led organization advocating for LGBTQIA+ persons, womxn and girls of all diversities in the KZN Midlands. Her professional journey spans over 5 years, leveraging her expertise as a qualified social auxiliary worker and as a social worker in training, focusing on human rights and public health initiatives.

Linda currently serves as secretary for the uMgungundlovu District Civil Society forum and represents LGBTQIA+ communities on various platforms, including the District Council on AIDS. She also contributed significantly to the Provincial and National Council on AIDS as Co-Chair for the Western Cape Province.

Sabreena Fuad

Sabreena FuadSabreena identifies as a 26-year-old transgender female from Kenya. She is a valuable member of the KP Consortium of Kenya, and on the forefront of advocacy for HIV prevention within the LGBTQ+ community. She is now a Communications/Advocacy Officer at Amkeni Malindi Organization, which is a member of the Ghanaian Professionals Network (GHPN) and one of the KP-led networks under Kenya’s KP Consortium. Sabreena is also a certified counsellor whereby she offers support to the PLHIVs and GBV survivors.

Hafidha Juma Ali Zanzibar

Hafidha Juma AliHafidha Juma Ali, also known as Hseven, lives in Zanzibar and is the Founder and Director of My True Colors. My True Colors is a male transgender organization created in 2018 whose mission is to eradicate HIV for MSM, gay men and the trans community often left behind in the HIV response. My True Colors also facilitates counseling on the topics of faith reconciliation and family acceptance.

Cairo Kisanga

Cairo KisangaCairo Kisanga is a trailblazing transgender advocate and a Program Manager for Igniting Young Minds Tanzania (IYMT). Cairo is an accomplished lawyer in Tanzania and fearlessly champions the health and human rights of transgender individuals. Through legal expertise and unwavering commitment, Cairo fosters a more compassionate and equitable environment for the transgender community in Tanzania.

Mauricio Ochieng

Mauricio OchiengMauricio Ochieng is a transgender activist, a gender and sexual rights defender and the Program Director of Trans Support Organization, where he works with transgender, intersex, and non-binary individuals from rural areas of Western Kenya. Mauricio is also the Safety and Security Committee Lead Person where he responds, documents and reports on human violations and abuses.

Christopher Osuji

Christopher OsujiChristopher is a gender non-binary rights advocate in Nigeria, with an academic background in law and a Masters degree in International Affairs. They are passionate in exploring the gender spectrum and works to bridge the gap between socio-political, religious/customary norms and gender diversity, to enable community tailored, people and rights sensitive health care services for the trans and gender diverse population. They have a background in Global Fund HIV grant implementation for key populations and have innovated and deployed strategies in delivering diverse community programs. They currently work as consultant with Positive Vibes Trust on the HIVOS ‘free to be me’ program in Nigeria.

Gigie Phiri

Gigie PhiriGigi Phiri is a transgender advocate, a staunch defender of the rights and healthcare of key populations including sexual and gender minorities. She has a deep well of knowledge and robust skill set in human rights and HIV/AIDS education and program strategy. Her work aims to dismantle barriers and foster an understanding that promotes the health and well-being of transgender communities. Gigie’s commitment is more than a professional calling, but a personal mission to see a future where every individual, regardless of gender identity, can live a life of dignity, free from discrimination, with equal opportunities to thrive and contribute to society.

Electrazie Rajab

Electrazie RajabElectrazie is a transgender human rights advocate, queer feminist and Founder and Director of Mfumukazi, an organisation advocating for the rights of transwomen in Malawi. EleShe uses her platform to motivate youth to adhere to HIV treatment and break existing stigmas and barriers to HIV care.