Advancing HIV Cure to Africa: What is needed?

The HIV epidemic continues to have a tremendous impact on global health. While we have made enormous progress in making antiretroviral therapy available to many people living with HIV, we are still not capable of eliminating infection. Consequently, people with HIV must commit to expensive, lifelong therapies; continuous monitoring; and they face drug toxicities and chronic immune activation. There is thus an urgent need to develop safe, affordable, and globally accessible curative strategies. While HIV cure research slowly becomes more mainstream in high income countries, Africa runs the risk of being left behind.

During two exciting 60-minutes panel-discussions panelists discussed how researchers, communities and other stakeholders from high income countries could work equitably with low- and middle-income countries in the interests of an HIV cure for all. This webinar was one session of the NL4Cure Spring symposium in Rotterdam on May 25 and 26.

Panel discussion 1 – Scientific priorities for HIV cure in Africa

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Facilitated by Cynthia Lungu, Erasmus University Medical Center.
Panelists included Professor Thumbi Ndung’u, Africa Health Research Institute Programme, Krista Dong, MD, of FRESH- Females Rising through Education, Professor Zaza Ndhlovu, Africa Health Research Institute, Catherine Slack, MA Clin Psych, PhD, HIV AIDS Vaccines Ethics Group

Panel discussion 2 – Advocacy and community involvement priorities for HIV cure in Africa

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Facilitated by Jessica Salzwedel, AVAC.
Panelists included Philister Adhiambo, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Charles Brown, Preventive Care International, Mandisa Dukashe, Wits RHI, Elina Mwasinga, National Association for Young People Living with HIV

Aidsfonds: Soa Aids Nederland is a Dutch non-profit organization that also works internationally. Working with communities as equals is at the heart of all our work. We conduct research and ensure that HIV, AIDS and STIs remain high on the agenda worldwide. Together we are working to find a cure for HIV.

NL4Cure: Aidsfonds has initiated a unique partnership to bring together the best HIV researchers, people living with HIV, data experts, HIV clinicians and nurses. Through NL4Cure, we generate new insights that bring us one step closer to finding a cure.