AVAC Responds to the Pandemic Accord Negotiations

AVAC’s Sam Rick responds to the latest in Pandemic Accord negotiations—member states have engaged in text-based negotiations throughout the end of March. She offered the following position on the state of negotiations as of March 28, 2024 to Politico Pro.

“The draft puts us in serious jeopardy: We are so close to having a sorely needed agreement on how countries will operate in the wake of the next pandemic, yet Global North countries are risking this all to satisfy the interests of pharmaceutical companies. There are places in the draft where it seems countries are finally coming to some baseline consensus, but the textual edits made by Member States this week in the Article on Pathogen Access and Benefits, which is the lynchpin of the entire agreement, show that we are very far from reaching consensus. Without a shift in the US delegation’s position, we’ll have no agreement at all. The US seems to have taken a knife to the text, rendering it toothless. It seems that if the US has its way in this Article, there will be no system to compel benefits sharing, which is the whole point of the Article. The US delegation must compromise and permit an opt-in.”

The Coalition of Advocates for Global Health and Pandemic Preparedness, a group of organizations advocating for an integrated and holistic approach to preparedness that emphasizes equity, inclusion, and synergies of multiple global health programs in advancing preparedness, published their considerations and asks in these negotiations.

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