Global Investment in HIV Cure Research & Development in 2021

A decade of progress


The 2021 report of Cure Resource Tracking Group, a collaboration between AVAC and the International AIDS Society, showed a remarkable 30 percent increase in funding for cure research. The report also provides an analysis of the cure research agenda and the scientific questions shaping investment decisions. 

  • Total funding went from $337 million in 2020 to $439 million in 2021. This increase represents a five-fold increase since tracking began in 2012.  
  • Approximately $362 million comes from public funders, approximately $40 million comes from philanthropy. Approximately $36 million is invested by industry.  
  • Only 6% percent of research sponsors report participant data derived from trials conducted in African countries, even though Africa is home to 68% of people living with HIV. There is a growing recognition that research needs to be done among affected communities and conducted in African countries. 
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