Px Wire January-March 2010, Vol. 3, No. 1

PxWire is AVAC’s quarterly update covering the latest in the field of biomedical HIV prevention research, implementation and advocacy. Highlights in this issue of PxWire include updates on: the results from MDP 301, a trial of the microbicide PRO 2000, which lay to rest its prospect as a viable microbicide; CDC’s newly modified PrEP trial (TDF2 in Botswana), which changed its status as an efficacy trial to a safety and behavioral study; the evolving effort to understand the Thai prime-boost AIDS vaccine results; recent NIH grants that nearly double global spending on rectal microbicides; and a timeline of 2010 trial milestones—what trial results are expected and what new studies are scheduled to commence?

Tracking and Translating the Field