EMOTION – Enhancing Microbicide Uptake in High-Risk End Users

Principal Investigator(s):
Objective:The project aims to conduct a human-centered design (HCD) study; implement HCD-based changes in microbicide/PrEP products and messaging; quantify the user experience of accessing and adhering to microbicide/PrEP products in a socio-behavioral study with objective biomarkers of adherence; and develop an introduction package and a campaign for marketing, distribution, and outreach for microbicide/PrEP products that are desirable to use and enhance health and partnerships.
Prevention Option(s):Microbicides, PrEP
Study Design:
Official Code: EMOTION
Trial Sponsors: CONRAD, USAID
Start Date
End Date
July 4, 2016
July 4, 2020
Age range: ↔ any
Population:Cisgender Women