Principal Investigator(s):Richard M Bartholomew, PhD
Objective:The primary objective is to compare & evaluate between the treatment groups the changes in decline/reduction of HIV viral load & increase changes in WBC white blood cell counts in the adult Remune dose vs the low dose Remune placebo groups. Additional objectives include changes in CD4+ & CD8+ T cell counts along with increased HIV immunity.     Last updated 2/23/2021
Prevention Option(s):HIV Vaccine
Study Design:Double-blind, Placebo, Randomized
Arms and Assigned Interventions
DescriptionExperimental: REMUNE Remune vaccine consists of a suspension of killed HIV-1 virus particles that have been emulsified with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant (IFA, a mixture of mannide mono-oleate and a highly purified mineral oil). Each dose is given by IM injection and contains 10 μg of p24 antigen in approximately 100 μg of total protein.
Mode of DeliveryIntramuscular
Official Code: NCT02291809
Trial Sponsors: Immune Response BioPharma
Start Date
End Date
November 1, 2017
November 1, 2019
Age range: 3 Months ↔ 16 Years
Population:Cisgender Men, Cisgender Women, People Living with HIV